Perfect Gifts For Your Pooch

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We moved to Arizona from Nebraska just over 5 years ago with two dogs.  One passed away a couple years ago and there’s been an emptiness in my heart since.  When I saw one of my Instagram friends post this sweet puppy asking for someone to please adopt him, it pulled at my heart strings.  If you have one dog, you might as well have two, right?  If you shopped in the store in October, you probably got to meet little Butler.  He was such a well behaved puppy, sleeping most of the days away in the store.  But when we got home, it was like he became a different dog entirely.  He growled and wrestled and nipped at our Havachon, Coco.  Coco was a good sport, he played along for awhile and when he was over it, he’d jump up onto the couch or the bed where Butler couldn’t reach him.  We took Butler on walks with Coco and even on our trip to California because we were in the midst of potty training and didn’t want our efforts to go to waste.  Our relatively chill home environment has become a little more chaotic, but that’s ok.  We’ve been buying lots of toys and that’s the reason for my post.  I found these adorable dog items and fell in the love with the Chewy Vuitton.  I love Louis Vuittons so, of course, my dogs would love Chewy Vuittons.   If you love your dog, and I know you do, you must get them some of these plush squeaky toys.  Click on each photo and you’ll be taken to my website where you can purchase.  I’d love to know which one is your favorite!

Each handbag plush toy is approx 5″ wide and 4″ high while the bottles are all comparable to the size of a real bottle of beer.  The Starbarks are smaller than the real thing.  All have a squeaker inside.  The names of each have been changed to be more dog appropriate and are so adorable!

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  1. Awesome find!!

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