Consignment Vs. Poshmark

Being a fashionista means owning lots of clothes, shoes and accessories.  It also means staying on trend and refreshing your closet often.  So, to avoid holding on to way too much, I’ve always taken my items to consignment.  I’ll talk about that first.  There are consignment stores that take your items, look through them and select the most current items with the right labels, they put them in the store for sale and once the items sell, you are given either credit towards products in the store or you can get a check.  I take my items to Turnstyle Consignment.  Then there are consignment stores where you bring your items, they look through them, keeping what they choose and giving you cash on the spot.  Examples of these are Platos Closet or Clothes Mentor.  I used to take items to Platos Closet when I lived in Nebraska, but it seemed they only wanted more youthful brands which I obviously didn’t have.  I’m typically disappointed in consignment because they might take 1/3 of my clothes and I only make $3 – $5 per item because they keep 40% of what it sells for.  I do like consignment because it’s pretty easy.  It’s not difficult to clean my closet in one fell swoop and take items still on hangers to Turnstyle.  They look through it and 20 minutes later I’m on my way.  The worst part is that I have to bring some items back home because they don’t accept it all.


Then there’s Poshmark, which I’ve had much more luck with.  Poshmark is an app.  I’ve been using it for a couple years.  It’s a little more work for the user, but I feel like the money is way better.  It requires you to take photos of your items, write a description, price it and enter all of that information into the app.  I find that I sell more when I am more interactive, taking part in various “posh parties” and sharing and following others on the platform.  But once the item is on the app, it’s so easy.  If an item sells, Poshmark keeps a % because they pay for shipping.  They email you a mailing label and you simply put the item into a box and ship it.  It’s so easy.  The funds get deposited into an account you set up in the app and when you want a check or to have it directly deposited into your bank account, just hit a button.  Easy.  I find that I can charge higher prices for items on Poshmark and make more money because they keep less.  Here’s a link to follow my Poshmark page.


What do you prefer, consignment or Poshmark?  Or do you like something else?

More Great Shopping

If I haven’t mentioned that I love to shop in any of my previous posts, let it be known, I love to shop!  I especially love to travel and then shop wherever we are visiting.  The most recent trip was for my husband’s 40th birthday when we travelled to LA and rented a home in the Hollywood Hills. How much fun did we have?!  Well besides the Coldplay concert, the shopping was my favorite part!   We went with another couple and lucky for me, Kelley likes to shop too.  We thought about Rodeo Drive but knew we wouldn’t be able to afford anything so instead we went to Melrose because I wanted to go to Dash.  I had been there once before with my family because my daughters are big fans of the Kardashians.  I knew I liked that store and it was a good starting point.  We took a Lyft to get there which was perfect because neither one of us wanted to drive down that skinny, winding Grandview Road.  We arrived before Dash opened and wanted a little breakfast anyway, so it was perfect, we found a perfect spot called Sweet Lady Jane.  What a charming little bakery.   After a little sustenance, we started shopping.  Dash was quiet so we had the store to ourselves.  If you haven’t been there, it’s really an ordinary boutique selling brands I’ve seen in other stores, like Rails and Chaser.  It’s definitely a higher price point than I carry in my boutique.  I found a perfectly on-trend bomber jacket which was on my list of things to find.  It is Kendall & Kylie brand which I’m not totally crazy about wearing their brand since I’m in my 40s but I thought the jacket was cute. We stopped into several shops, but my favorite by far was Glamboutique.  They had a great collection of comfy everyday lounge wear, scarves, jackets, jeans and I found a leather woven hobo bag that was To Die For!  I wanted to buy many things but had to control myself.  Next we hit Freg Segal and what an experience that was.  It was beautiful on the outside with the sign covered in vines and the inside was unique with different brands separated into little shops.  I was impressed with the brands and the selection, but it was definitely pricey.  We spent a lot of time at Gregory’s, a shoe boutique on the back side of Fred Segal.  The shoes were divine and Kelley and I tried on almost every style.    I would highly recommend shoe shopping there if you’re looking.  What a fun trip!  We’ll definitely go back to that area to shop and eat again.