All White? All Right! There Are Fewer Rules In Fashion Than You Think.

Once upon a time there was a rule about wearing white after Labor Day.  Women believed it was a fashion don’t.  Well that rule is no more.  Wear white, year ’round is what we say!  If you watch the runway shows, anything goes, and that includes wearing white after Labor Day.  Also florals are not just for spring and summer.  Obviously a darker, deeper colored floral would be better for fall and winter so try it.

Do you think your shoes and bag should match?  Obsolete rule.  It’s almost best if they don’t match.  A cheetah print shoe with a red bag is gorgeous!  Are you a pattern mixer?  There’s another thing that is perfectly acceptable today.  Stripes with florals, plaids with stripes, polka dots with plaid, yes, all of these are very much in fashion today. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little apprehensive on this one.  I once wore a striped top with a floral skirt and I felt a little…funny,  but it was cute.  Another common fashion rule is wearing navy and black together.  While that might be concerning if the shades of the two are very similar,  if they are different, rock that look!  Here’s another really common one; mixing gold and silver metals in jewelry.  Do not worry about mixing.  So many jewelry brands now are mixing the metals within one piece.  You can easily do this.  And does your wedding ring need to be the same color as your bracelet, no.  I often wear my white gold wedding ring with gold or rose gold on my wrist.  Perfectly acceptable.

Fashion today has evolved so much that truly the idea of always wearing the same outfits together is passé.  Mix things up!  And if you have trouble deciding if it will look ok, consult Pinterest.  We have a great board called How To Style It that addresses things like this.  Or message us on Facebook, we’ll help you or we’ll put you in touch with a local stylist who gets paid to help you work through those types of issues.  We know many that would love to help!

The Fall Accessory You Need – by Anja

I’ve never been a huge hat person but after seeing so many felt hats for this season I figured it was time to give them a try. And I’m so glad I did! They’re surprisingly versatile and add a whole new dimension to your look with minimal effort.

The feather trim on this hat gives it a little indie boho feel perfect for getting that fall-ish look despite sweltering Arizona temperatures.

The floppy hat frames the face in a flattering way, and is perfect for a casual but put-together look.

Not sure what to pair it with? Throw on a fuss-free casual dress and add turquoise jewelry to complement the feather detailing on the hat (as seen below).


A flowy shirt and dark wash skinny jeans would be another cute outfit, great for an outdoor dinner.


This might just become our favorite fall accessory. Which fall looks have caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!


Photography by Zach Asato

The Forgotten Size

Did you know that the majority of women today fit into the sizes 12-16? What does that mean exactly when a 14 in one store is 3 sizes smaller than a 14 in another store? It’s complicated and I know all about this, because this is my world and my size. Not only do I own a boutique, I’m fashion obsessed. I shop for therapy, I shop for fun and I shop for my job (research). I know that the brands carried in most boutiques run small. A large in a boutique is typically a size 10. So, where does that leave me and a large number of other women? Yeah, good question. And do we want to be called plus sized? I don’t really love thinking of myself as plus sized but I have embraced the fact that I might not always fit into the large. The brands I carry in my store typically don’t offer XL and when I shop plus size brands, they carry extra large, 1X and 2X. So I’m experimenting with some of those brands in the store and online. There’s a challenge involved in that; when a woman comes into the store, and I can assess her size being larger than a 10, do I tell her about our plus sizes? I can’t possibly! Most women would be offended! I know I would be if I shopped in a store and they said to me “Hi there, here’s our plus size rack”. Again, can’t there be another word for it? Also, is it better to mix all the plus sizes in with the regular sizes and make ladies hunt for their size or separate it all so there’s only one section of plus sizes? One interesting thing that has been happening in the store is that ladies are asking for the items I’m carrying in plus size, in smaller sizes.  Hmmm?  Target launched a new plus size line this year. I’m seeing more ads with models that aren’t stick skinny. If you watch the Kardashians, the commercials are geared to a larger woman. New York has a plus size fashion week. And now Clothes Minded is experimenting with some larger sizes too, click here to shop!  Or stop in and try them on!

Here’s a great article about how sizes have changed over the years.

And here’s my favorite plus sized piece:

Floral Trapeze Dress


5 Fashion Resolutions for 2015

Define your personal style

What you wear says a lot about you. It’s a new year so make sure all your clothes match your personality and your growth from previous years. Make sure they convey the message you want to send to the world. Pay attention to what types of pieces attract your interest, look at images of your fashion icons, and find inspiration in magazines.

Reevaluate your closet

Toss the pieces you have no intention of wearing anymore. Create a clean slate for the year so you can see what you have, and continue to build your wardrobe. Are you missing basics like a dark wash jean with the perfect fit? Or are you in need of some new accessories to add afresh look to your favorite classics?

Change your shopping habits

Be smart in your shopping, know your body type and what types of cuts flatter it. A new year calls for exploration. Each shopping trip, try on at least one piece that you normally wouldn’t think to pick out. You never know, clothing can have a completely different look on a person than it does on a hanger. Find a new store to explore and stop by boutiques to find more unique pieces that will set you apart from others.

Be bold in your fashion choices

We all have a comfort zone and tend to stay within those boundaries while shopping. No better time than now to break free and try out that new trend you’ve been eyeing. If you typically buy all black, try to look for pieces with more color while you’re browsing through stores.

Wear clothes that make you feel confident.

This year is all about becoming your best self. How you feel in your clothes extends to how you carry yourself each day. Wear what makes you feel your best and you’ll exude confidence and poise. Wearing clothes that make you happy can make you a more positive, energetic, and confident individual – something we should all aim to do this year!