Consignment Vs. Poshmark

Being a fashionista means owning lots of clothes, shoes and accessories.  It also means staying on trend and refreshing your closet often.  So, to avoid holding on to way too much, I’ve always taken my items to consignment.  I’ll talk about that first.  There are consignment stores that take your items, look through them and select the most current items with the right labels, they put them in the store for sale and once the items sell, you are given either credit towards products in the store or you can get a check.  I take my items to Turnstyle Consignment.  Then there are consignment stores where you bring your items, they look through them, keeping what they choose and giving you cash on the spot.  Examples of these are Platos Closet or Clothes Mentor.  I used to take items to Platos Closet when I lived in Nebraska, but it seemed they only wanted more youthful brands which I obviously didn’t have.  I’m typically disappointed in consignment because they might take 1/3 of my clothes and I only make $3 – $5 per item because they keep 40% of what it sells for.  I do like consignment because it’s pretty easy.  It’s not difficult to clean my closet in one fell swoop and take items still on hangers to Turnstyle.  They look through it and 20 minutes later I’m on my way.  The worst part is that I have to bring some items back home because they don’t accept it all.


Then there’s Poshmark, which I’ve had much more luck with.  Poshmark is an app.  I’ve been using it for a couple years.  It’s a little more work for the user, but I feel like the money is way better.  It requires you to take photos of your items, write a description, price it and enter all of that information into the app.  I find that I sell more when I am more interactive, taking part in various “posh parties” and sharing and following others on the platform.  But once the item is on the app, it’s so easy.  If an item sells, Poshmark keeps a % because they pay for shipping.  They email you a mailing label and you simply put the item into a box and ship it.  It’s so easy.  The funds get deposited into an account you set up in the app and when you want a check or to have it directly deposited into your bank account, just hit a button.  Easy.  I find that I can charge higher prices for items on Poshmark and make more money because they keep less.  Here’s a link to follow my Poshmark page.


What do you prefer, consignment or Poshmark?  Or do you like something else?

One Of My Faves

One of my faves in the store right now is this asymmetrical top from Daniel Rainn. What makes it my fave? Well, it’s black for one and it’s unique. I think that if you’re going to do a basic color, look for unique details. This top is a crepe fabric so it has some texture, it has wide enough straps to allow you to wear a regular bra, it has a slight pleat at the center of the neckline and it has side slits so it is just different.  I’ve found many ways to wear it.  I love it layered underneath our Daniel Rainn kimono, I like it alone with my favorite boyfriend jeans and I like it the way I’m wearing it with a skirt I’ve had for awhile and had stopped wearing.  

Do you ever have items in your closet that you just can’t part with but you feel badly that you’re not wearing them?  Well, I can help you with that!  Bring that item into the store and I’ll either find something in the store to pair with it or I’ll make some suggestions as to what would make it complete and relevant today.      

Another Shopping Trip

I love to hit boutiques when I travel.  Well, I love to go to boutiques wherever I am.  I spend most days in my own boutique and then I like to visit others when I have a chance.  I guess you could say I’m obsessed.  I also appreciate the curation that happens in a boutique because I know how much merchandise there is to search through before finding the real gems.  Today I’m going to tell you about a couple boutiques that I loved this summer when I was visiting my daughter in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I visited Select Style, a store I hadn’t ever been to.  Wow, the inside was beautiful.  It was the type of store I love, clean, contemporary, minimally furnished with nice light.  I looked at every item on every rack and ended up with a fitting room full.  I decided to not look at price tags and to focus on what I liked instinctually.  Thank goodness my son was patient (it helped that he brought a book).  The owner and her mom were both working.  I just can’t believe I hadn’t stopped in sooner to check it out.  I liked that the store carried labels I hadn’t heard of.  I had heard of some, such as Vince,  Joie and Equipment.  But I was thrilled to see some I wasn’t familiar with such as Lilla P.  I tried on a lot of clothes, came out of the fitting room each time and the ladies gave me lots of feedback.  I felt like they were genuine and not just trying to make a sale.  Oh, and the fitting rooms were beautiful too,  by the way.  I ended up having to labor over which pieces to say no to and still ended up spending more than I’ve ever spent in a store on just myself.  But I felt good that I was supporting a local business owner and a girl that has a passion just like mine.  She had only had her store for two years!  I bought a beautiful black dress by Lilla P, a great red top that I’ll wear once a week, a pair of the most amazing pants by a Danish designer that I definitely didn’t need but fell in love with, and a nice slip that I’ve never heard of the brand of and may have to carry in my own store.

Next I headed to a fave local shoe boutique that I’ve been visiting for several years, Pattino.  I know the owner and she’s worked hard to make the store successful.  I got lucky because she was working the day I stopped in.  I love being able to converse with the person doing the buying and it doesn’t hurt that she has similar taste and wears the same size.  I found a killer pair of sandals that were unique, comfortable and edgy and Italian.  I wanted to buy several pairs plus some jewelry but I was worried about my son telling my husband and I had to be able to fit it all in my suitcase.  Pattino has always carried unique, high quality brands and I know I will always find something I’ll want.

We hit a couple other boutiques while we were in town but they just didn’t compare to the quality and experience in the store.  If you’re ever in Lincoln, Nebraska, make sure you stop into the College View Shopping District.  You won’t be disappointed.

The great thing about the outfit in this picture is that the top is from my boutique, so I’m representing three boutiques in one outfit and that makes me so happy!

Outfit of the Week

Our outfit of the week features a monochromatic look, white on white.  This look would be great if you want a change of pace from the typical dress to wear to a casual wedding, to your class reunion or just for a day of fun with the family.  The top is a gorgeous lace front layered sleeveless top that runs a little long so it’s perfect for tall women or women who like a tunic style top.  The clean white on top and bottom will lengthen and slim the body.  The capris are meant to be comfortable with a wide elastic waistband and a tapered capri length.  Both items are mostly cotton, so they breath and are absorbent and both are washable.  The top is made in the USA.  I decided to add accessories with turquoise for a little color pop.  The long necklace is versatile and on-trend with the gold chain tassle.  The chunky bracelet is one of my favorite accessories in the store.  This line of jewelry is high quality, handmade in California and we have several bracelets in different colors and styles in stock.   We suggest a heel or wedge of some kind to complete the outfit and make it dressier but it would look great with a sandal too.  Click here to look at the pieces and prices.  For one week customers may purchase any item from this post at 20% off.

To change up the look and show the versatility of the top, I’ve added it with our convertible maxi.  This item is perfect for packing to take on your next trip because it can be worn as a strapless dress or rolled down and worn as a maxi skirt.  The great thing about it is the length can be changed based on the fold, so it can be for a short or tall woman.  When the lace top is paired with it, the lace pops even more!Outfit with Convertible Skirt

Next, I paired the top with a basic pair of leggings.  This pair is my favorite because it’s a soft knit fabric from LA Made which means it’s made in the US!  These leggings are a great quality and they will last.  I think this outfit would look great all year long.  And, when you need a little protection from the sun or cooler temps, this lightweight long cardigan from LA Made is the perfect choice.  The great thing about this cardigan is it’s thin enough, it will fit perfectly in your tote bag if you’re traveling and get chilled on the plane, it can be tied around your waist if you get warm.  It has pockets and thumb holes, so it fits with the athleisure trend that continues it’s popularity.  The cardigan is another great piece by LA Made.  Washable and soft, this is getting added to my wardrobe for sure!  Wear this outfit with some of the super chic sneakers that are everywhere right now and in the fall a tall boot will be very fashionable.

Outfit of the Week option 4Outfit of the Week Option 3

Boutiques I Recommend

As a boutique owner, one of my favorite things to do when I travel is visit the small locally owned shops.  It’s always been a passion of mine and inspired me to open a boutique of my own.  I like to see the different ways stores merchandise their products and I love to shop.  It’s always fun to see the same or similar items that I carry in my store in other stores around the country.  How do I find the boutiques that I visit?  Well, I use a number of resources.  First, I google boutiques in _________________(wherever I’m visiting).  Then, when I’m out and about in that city, I use the Around Me app and search boutiques or women’s clothing.  Sometimes I also use Yelp.  After I find a store that looks good, I’ll either look at their Facebook or Instagram or their website because many times I’ll find a great boutique that ends up being out of business or not open when I’m in the area.  Finally, I look for stores that just speak to me, they have to be a small business so if they talk about Small Business Saturday or being locally owned, I’m definitely going there.  I don’t get as excited about stores that have multiple locations.  Sometimes I’ll see that they’ve mentioned brands I’m familiar with so that makes me want to visit as well.  It’s kind of like stalking, but I call it research. On my latest trip to Washington DC I was excited about one boutique because my daughter who lives there had already scouted it out.  But before we went there, she and I visited a super chic little area called Old Town Alexandria in Virginia.  It was just that, a historic town on the Potomac River with lots of street side diners and restaurants as well as big chain retailers like Anthropologie and Francescas.  But nestled in between were some really cute little boutiques.  The few clothing boutiques we walked through made me feel like I was in Candy Land because all the colors were bright and popped.  They had sections of mint, coral, yellow and blue.  Neither my daughter or I are huge fans of those colors and the racks were so stocked full, it wasn’t fun to shop.  We did find a treasure though.  It was a cute little jewelry shop called She’s Unique.  Click here for their Facebook page  I knew it was a win when we stepped in the door onto the Shop Small rug and saw the owner’s dog lying on the floor.  Inside was a beautifully and minimally merchandised collection of delicate and simplistic jewelry pieces.  The necklaces were merchandised so nicely in sets of three showing how to layer them together.  Rings were shown stacked and looked beautiful.  Some of the jewelry was in glass cases, but not all and the touches of candles and decor pieces amongst the jewelry made it look like someone paid attention to how they placed every piece in the store.  My daughter found a great necklace and I found several that I loved.  I bought one that was handmade by a local jewelry designer out of sterling with a feather imprint, very delicate.  Sadly, we didn’t get to spend much time in the area because the shops closed by 6 since it was a week night.  A couple days later we ventured into downtown Georgetown, not far from the university to another old town shopping district.  We stopped in to Violet Click here for their Facebook page (where my daughter had been previously) and I was so impressed.  It was right up my alley with a contemporary layout and decor, clear acrylic benches in the fitting rooms and chic displays on the walls.  I saw some brands I was familiar with and others I had never heard of.  We tried on lots of clothes and found a few pieces that we couldn’t leave without.  I would recommend both of these boutiques if you ever go to the Washington DC area.

What To Wear To The White House

Planning a trip to the White House anytime soon?  We just took our family vacation there last week and I can help you with your clothing choices!

First, many people aren’t aware that you can, in fact, go inside the White House.  It just takes a little pre planning.  As soon as you know the dates that you will be in Washington DC, contact your State Senator.  Let them know you are interested in touring the White House.  You may also let them know you’d like to sit in on a House of Representatives or a Senate session at the Capital, perhaps you can take care of both items with one call.  We didn’t do this before our trip, we only took care of the White House.  A background check is required for everyone entering the White House, therefore, have birthdates available for all those accompanying you on the tour.  Also to be noted, handbags, backpacks or any bag of any kind is not allowed in the White House.  Phones are permitted, there is even a hashtag for sharing your photos on social media, #WhiteHousetour.

We were in DC in May and weather varied each day.  We had rain some days and sun with humidity others, so I highly recommend wearing lightweight pieces that can be layered and comfortable shoes because you’ll be walking and standing in lots of lines.  I highly recommend a lightweight jacket or cardigan because often the interiors are air conditioned and could be a bit chilly.

A rainy day in Washington DC means layering.

Our White House tour day was sunny, thank goodness, since we stood outside in lines.

Fashion at the White House seemed a little more dressy, but we did see some wearing workout wear.  As a sign of respect I believe dressing in something you would wear to work or to church is a good idea.

What To Wear To Country Thunder


We’ve had some requests for what to wear to Country Thunder and we wanted to do a post with some of our suggestions for the biggest Country Music event in Arizona.  I’m so excited because this year, I get to attend and I’m bringing my daughter, so it should be a great time!  She doesn’t own any boots, so we’ll be hitting the stores to find her a pair, or maybe we’ll wait and shop at the venue, since boots are always being sold there.

As for apparel, we’ve got some great options in store right now with more arriving every day!

Clothes Minded - What To Wear To Country Thunder Clothes Minded - What To Wear To Country Thunder

Our patterned tank dress with ruffled hemline is cool, loose fitting and really easy.  It looks great with a pair of black booties or a pair of western cowboy boots.  We got it first in small girls sizes and the ladies loved it so much, we had to order it for them!


The color in our strapless dress is just gorgeous, then add the white embroidery and it will be your fave.  Country Thunder ladies will be asking where you got this incredible dress and since we only get six of each item in the store, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see yourself walking around in Florence, Arizona.  Stay tuned for more new arrivals and to see them as they arrive, follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

Our Newest Line – Dex

DexIt’s fun, yet risky to try new lines of clothing in a boutique. I’m never quite sure how the items will be received. I usually do extensive product testing first and items that I’ve previously purchased, worn, washed and continue to love for awhile pass the test and I’ll bring into the store. Dex was one of those brands. I was familiar with it because a department store in Nebraska that I loved when I lived there carried the line. I thought the brand was all about sweaters so I was pleased when the sales rep called to see if she could bring the line to show me and the line contained lots of perfect pieces for our Arizona heat. That’s another thing that scores big points in my opinion, brands that are willing to come to me. I love that.
The debut of the line in the store went great. Several ladies bought pieces the day they arrived!  I started conservatively by bringing in several black items and black and white prints, but that’s what our customers like, classic black and white that they can mix in with their current wardrobe. The line is comfortable and not too casual but not too dressy either. The price point is moderate and sizing runs from extra small to large. This is a collection that we’ll continue to receive in pretty sizable shipments and I’m so excited about upcoming items.  The lightweight tops as well as the breezy pants are all excellent choices for higher temperatures, and we have the knit three-quarter sleeve blazer for an elevated, yet casual work look.  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook so you see our posts when these new items arrive in-store.
Please stop in today and check out our collection of Dex. You’ll be sure to find a piece you love!Dex Dex Dex

All White? All Right! There Are Fewer Rules In Fashion Than You Think.

Once upon a time there was a rule about wearing white after Labor Day.  Women believed it was a fashion don’t.  Well that rule is no more.  Wear white, year ’round is what we say!  If you watch the runway shows, anything goes, and that includes wearing white after Labor Day.  Also florals are not just for spring and summer.  Obviously a darker, deeper colored floral would be better for fall and winter so try it.

Do you think your shoes and bag should match?  Obsolete rule.  It’s almost best if they don’t match.  A cheetah print shoe with a red bag is gorgeous!  Are you a pattern mixer?  There’s another thing that is perfectly acceptable today.  Stripes with florals, plaids with stripes, polka dots with plaid, yes, all of these are very much in fashion today. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little apprehensive on this one.  I once wore a striped top with a floral skirt and I felt a little…funny,  but it was cute.  Another common fashion rule is wearing navy and black together.  While that might be concerning if the shades of the two are very similar,  if they are different, rock that look!  Here’s another really common one; mixing gold and silver metals in jewelry.  Do not worry about mixing.  So many jewelry brands now are mixing the metals within one piece.  You can easily do this.  And does your wedding ring need to be the same color as your bracelet, no.  I often wear my white gold wedding ring with gold or rose gold on my wrist.  Perfectly acceptable.

Fashion today has evolved so much that truly the idea of always wearing the same outfits together is passé.  Mix things up!  And if you have trouble deciding if it will look ok, consult Pinterest.  We have a great board called How To Style It that addresses things like this.  Or message us on Facebook, we’ll help you or we’ll put you in touch with a local stylist who gets paid to help you work through those types of issues.  We know many that would love to help!

The Fall Accessory You Need – by Anja

I’ve never been a huge hat person but after seeing so many felt hats for this season I figured it was time to give them a try. And I’m so glad I did! They’re surprisingly versatile and add a whole new dimension to your look with minimal effort.

The feather trim on this hat gives it a little indie boho feel perfect for getting that fall-ish look despite sweltering Arizona temperatures.

The floppy hat frames the face in a flattering way, and is perfect for a casual but put-together look.

Not sure what to pair it with? Throw on a fuss-free casual dress and add turquoise jewelry to complement the feather detailing on the hat (as seen below).


A flowy shirt and dark wash skinny jeans would be another cute outfit, great for an outdoor dinner.


This might just become our favorite fall accessory. Which fall looks have caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!


Photography by Zach Asato