Consignment Vs. Poshmark

Being a fashionista means owning lots of clothes, shoes and accessories.  It also means staying on trend and refreshing your closet often.  So, to avoid holding on to way too much, I’ve always taken my items to consignment.  I’ll talk about that first.  There are consignment stores that take your items, look through them and select […]

One Of My Faves

One of my faves in the store right now is this asymmetrical top from Daniel Rainn. What makes it my fave? Well, it’s black for one and it’s unique. I think that if you’re going to do a basic color, look for unique details. This top is a crepe fabric so it has some texture, […]

What To Wear To The White House

Planning a trip to the White House anytime soon?  We just took our family vacation there last week and I can help you with your clothing choices! First, many people aren’t aware that you can, in fact, go inside the White House.  It just takes a little pre planning.  As soon as you know the […]

What To Wear To Country Thunder

We’ve had some requests for what to wear to Country Thunder and we wanted to do a post with some of our suggestions for the biggest Country Music event in Arizona.  I’m so excited because this year, I get to attend and I’m bringing my daughter, so it should be a great time!  She doesn’t […]

Our Newest Line – Dex

It’s fun, yet risky to try new lines of clothing in a boutique. I’m never quite sure how the items will be received. I usually do extensive product testing first and items that I’ve previously purchased, worn, washed and continue to love for awhile pass the test and I’ll bring into the store. Dex was […]

All White? All Right! There Are Fewer Rules In Fashion Than You Think.

Once upon a time there was a rule about wearing white after Labor Day.  Women believed it was a fashion don’t.  Well that rule is no more.  Wear white, year ’round is what we say!  If you watch the runway shows, anything goes, and that includes wearing white after Labor Day.  Also florals are not […]