What To Wear To The Phoenix Open

Suggestions for what to wear to the Waste Management Phoenix Open are in many blog posts so I’m writing this to my people, a 40 something mom who wants to go enjoy golf on an amazing course in beautiful weather.  Since I’m not attending to get intoxicated or because of interest in the opposite sex, […]

Are You Caring About Shoulder Baring?

It’s a big trend and it’s not going away.  Cold shoulder or off-the-shoulder, it’s popular and it’s here to stay.  In Arizona, it’s completely possible to expose your shoulders most of the year.  This heather gray top is anything but dull with it’s strappy cold shoulder style.   I’m a huge fan of gray tees, […]

Happy New Year!

Well, January is off to a quick start and I completely refuse to make any resolutions. I have commitment issues and as soon as I make a resolution, I find ways to break it. It’s a weird psychology going on in my brain. So, I’ve decided to make this the year of simplifying. I’m at […]

Consignment Vs. Poshmark

Being a fashionista means owning lots of clothes, shoes and accessories.  It also means staying on trend and refreshing your closet often.  So, to avoid holding on to way too much, I’ve always taken my items to consignment.  I’ll talk about that first.  There are consignment stores that take your items, look through them and select […]


Hi there everyone!  I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post and I feel like it’s long overdue! I was at the gym today, the Body Firm, a place I love and have been going for over a year now.  I love it because it’s locally owned and I get […]

Perfect Gifts For Your Pooch

    We moved to Arizona from Nebraska just over 5 years ago with two dogs.  One passed away a couple years ago and there’s been an emptiness in my heart since.  When I saw one of my Instagram friends post this sweet puppy asking for someone to please adopt him, it pulled at my […]

More Great Shopping

If I haven’t mentioned that I love to shop in any of my previous posts, let it be known, I love to shop!  I especially love to travel and then shop wherever we are visiting.  The most recent trip was for my husband’s 40th birthday when we travelled to LA and rented a home in […]

One Of My Faves

One of my faves in the store right now is this asymmetrical top from Daniel Rainn. What makes it my fave? Well, it’s black for one and it’s unique. I think that if you’re going to do a basic color, look for unique details. This top is a crepe fabric so it has some texture, […]

Rachel’s Amazing Photo Shoot

Lucky me that I know a photographer who occasionally reaches out to borrow clothes because she has connections with some models and wants to take them to a beautiful place to get some shots for their portfolios. Rachel Hawkinson (www.rachelhawkinson.com) is the one. She took her models to Mount Lemmon and the shots turned out […]